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Gibsons Harbour Ferry

COVID-19 Precautions

(Mask Required for Travel)

Scheduled runs are operating as normal. Due to COVID-19 we are not mixing groups, unless upon request. Please call ahead if you would like to be on a scheduled run.

High-speed Harbour Ferry 


The high- speed Harbour Ferry is a 23 foot, 7 passengers, 20 Knot cruise water taxi. For services to and from Gibsons, Langdale, Horseshoe Bay and surrounding Islands.

*All prices are based on a one way trip*


Keats Landing: $10 per/person ($30 minimum per-trip)

Plumper Cove: $15 per/person ($40 minimum per-trip)

Eastbourne: $80

Langdale: $80

Mount Gardner: $125

Pasley Group: $100

Long Bay: $150

Halket Bay: $175

Horseshoe Bay to Howe Sound destinations: $200


Keats Landing: $80

 Eastbourne: $100

Horseshoe Bay: $200


Gibsons Harbour Ferry

One hour tour $ 100.00. Cruise the Pasley Islands, Wildlife/Eco-Tours and Dinner cruises 





Scheduled Runs

Daily Monday to Friday. Weekends and holidays will be by request.

7:45 am Gibsons to Keats Landing     $10

8:00 am Keats Landing to Gibsons     $10

4:15 pm Gibsons to Keats Landing     $10

4:30 pm Keats Landing to Gibsons     $10


Normal operating hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The request runs outside of normal hours. Minimum $ 60 to $ 80

Non- Scheduled Runs

Gibsons to Plumper Cove /Melody Point $15 (minimum $ 40) plus cargo

Gibsons to Keats Landing $10 (minimum $30)

Gibsons Private Marina pickup-at the end of A or B dock (upon request)


CARGO: Be advised there is a charge for extra cargo usually $10-20

  • All skippers are SVOP Transport Canada Certified
  • The Gibsons Harbour Ferry is TC Compliant and Registered
  • Visa and Master card accepted
  • E-Transfers accepted at: gibsonsharbourferry21@gmail.com

Contact Us:

(604) 741-3881

Located at the foot of the Gibsons Government dock.